All My Frats

by Madame Ice

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Dedication to all my Frats


All My Frats
written by Shameka S. George (Madame Ice) & LaJohn D. Manoy (Smooth D.)
music by Danny C. Coleman (Dano) & LaJohn D. Manoy (Smiley Boy)

Intro: Talking
Break1: 1st two lines of hook

V1: First of all, he’s an Alpha, seven jewels, so you know
He’s a King like Martin Luther, all hail to black and gold
He was bread from Cornell, debonair and so suave
He’s all about that Sphinx and he can transcend all
Got his thumb, and pinky sticking out at the same time
Ice Cold with it, I’m trying to make him all mine
Get it when ya want it, so you ain’t gotta ask
I can be ya queen you ain’t gotta worry bout that
Now can I get a Kappa with that Pretty Boy Swag?
Red and white, bow tie and a sugar cane to match
Like his red carnation, he Pretty As I
He be all about that Diamond you ain’t gotta ask why
Achieve in errythang, the Nupes is what it do
They been running this since way back at IU
So fresh like a fade, G.Q. to a T
That’s the type a dude I like, so he fitted just for me

Chorus: All my Alphas keep more than a stack and all my Kappas got “Pretty Boy Swag”
I came to see (all-all my Frats; all-all-all my Frats)
Omegas get down, Sigmas gone clown, Iota Phi Theta stompin hard on the ground
I came to see (all-all my Frats; all-all-all my Frats)

V2. Where Da Bruhz at? let me hear ya Ahh-Woof
Like Shaq and Rickey Smiley, Dawg tags and gold boots
That’s a Que for ya, Royal Purple and that Gold
If you know him like I know him call him Daddy Long Strokes
He’s a friend so, he be so essential to your soul
Got his 21 pearls, he rep the lamp for sho
I’m just saying he the man, started off at Howard
Ooo, he got that tongue, best believe he got that power
Throw a Sigma round here, and I’ma treat him right
Make him lean back and watch me as I model blue and white
He’s a, son of Kush - he’s all of the above
Blue riders of the white Camel, fly like a dove
It’s culture for service, and service for humanity
Better get it right he takes the lead just like Huey P.
Another Howard man, doing what he do
Come and holla at ya girl, cuz I’m trying to get at you

Chorus: 1x

V3: Hold up, wait a minute, you know that it’s going down
Hope that you ain’t think that I forgot about my gold and brown
I’m talking real “Outlaws” betta think again
“Centaurs building they tradition never rest upon one”
Out the roots of “Morgan State” where they originated from
I can be ya yellow rose in case I ain’t told ya
Got a fetish for these men, I’m in love with my Iota’s

Chorus: 1x

©2010, Ghetto Gurl Publishing/Johna’s Future Publishing/Emortul Music (BMI)


released September 3, 2010
Written by: Shameka S. George/LaJohn D. Manoy/Danny C. Coleman
Produced by: Dano for Book 'Em Dano Productions
Co-Produced by: Smiley Boy for Smiley Boy Productions



all rights reserved


Madame Ice Dallas

Songwriter (BMI), rapper, producer, dancer, music publisher (BMI).

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