I'm All That (WNBA Theme)

by Madame Ice (feat. Shantel)

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    Theme song dedicated to the wonderful women of the WNBA. This is a spin-off to my track "I'm All That" from my debut album "Tha Dame of Tha Game". We came up with this in 2009 and just wanted people to hear it. If we get the request we will make a 2011 version - tell the WNBA......





“I’m All That” (WNBA Theme Song)
written By: Shameka N. Simpson (Madame Ice), Bobbi S. Reagor (Shantel),
and LaJohn D. Manoy (Smooth D.)
music By: Danny C. Coleman (Dano) and LaJohn D. Manoy (Smiley Boy)

Into: Announcer Talking

R1: You know the West is in it, we gon’ ball til’ the finish
We surpassing the limit straight for the title let’s get it
Take the ball and we grip, got them pleading the fifth
Did I mention its game time we coming to win?
L.A. Sparking the hoop, Monarchs is doing it too
Seattle Storm is blowing through so you better be cool
This the way that we do it hit the court and get to it
Now they seeing them Silver Stars we got’em by far
We keep a packed house, the Women’s NBA
You see what we about, women running this game
We got the Minnesota Lynx and Phoenix Mercury
We do it big up in the West cuz that’s just what it be
We be balling fo’ sho’, we be on them free throws
You should be taking notes on how to do it like a pros
You ain’t about that, I suggest you fall back
The west got the game locked and best believe they all that.

Hook: I know I’m all that (all that, all that, all that, all that, all that, all that)
Ya’ll know I’m all that (all that, all that, all that, all that, all that, all that)
Show these dudes you all that (all that, all that, all that, all that, all that, all that)
Girl move I’m all that (all that, all that, all that, all that, all that, all that)

R2: They free throws so sick they calling it beast mode
Detroit they the shocks putting on the best show
Live the ATL Dream cause they track the realist fans
Step up off the court Indiana Fever hands
Shout out to the rivals’ better stay on ya game
See ya Chi Town Sky keep balling on them lames
East coast on the brain I’m a be there soon
New York Liberty yep they the female goons
You know they all that from the front to the back
Check they player profile you can’t take all that
Peeping one main sport and you know what that is
And they got me like woo cuz they handle they biz
Connecticut Suns make u run for the ball
Got the Washington Mystics taking it all
Check the stat what it say born as a all star child
Top ballin, that’s how they keep the fame on file,

Hook: 1x

©2009, Johna’s Future Publishing/Emortul Music/Ghetto Gurl Publishing
& D-Town Princess Publishing (BMI)


released January 1, 2009
written by S. George, B. Simpson-Reagor & L. Manoy
produced by Smiley Boy for Smiley Boy Productions & Dano for Book'em Dano Productions



all rights reserved


Madame Ice Dallas

Songwriter (BMI), rapper, producer, dancer, music publisher (BMI).

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