My Boyfriend

by Madame Ice

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Talking about the perfect guy who is all mines.


My Boyfriend
written by LaJohn D. Manoy (Smooth D.) & Shameka Simpson-George (Madame Ice)
music Danny C. Coleman (Dano)

Break1: That’s my boyfriend – scratched version

V1: Boyfriend stay fresh he clean as a whistle (hey)
Likes me cuz I’m a thick chick fine with some dimples
The boy so on his swag so mean
When he step up on the scene I love the way tha boy lean (hey)
J’s on his feet taper fade just right
When he frank to the left gon frank to the right (hey)
Top notch boyfriend never been a lame
And he dougie when he beat-beat beat it out the frame (hey)
I walk that walk then he tell me do my jig
When I drop it down low then he tell me get it big
You ain’t gotta ask cuz you know he rolling right
Cuz its cream on the inside, clean on the outside (hey)

Hook: He be doing his (than-yang), making that (chan-yang)
When he come thru he gonna beat it out tha (fram-yam)
That’s my boyfriend (hey), that’s my boyfriend (hey)
That’s my boyfriend (hey), that’s my boyfriend (hey)
He got a swag so (mea-an), car so (clea-an)
J’s on his feet like he been playing for tha (tea-am)
That’s my boyfriend (hey), that’s my boyfriend (hey)
That’s my boyfriend (hey), that’s my boyfriend (hey)

V2: My boy be swaging and surfing them haters hate that
Cuz he do it like this then he do it like that (hey)
It ain’t a stain on him and his stacks on deck
Best believe that I’m his gutter chick you bet not test (hey)
I call him Mr. Hit That exactly what he do
When I do that stanky leg then I hit that booty doo (hey)
He shinning like the watch on his wrist so icy
I’m his Dallas Girl - Bobby B get like me (hey)
He be on his grown man - he doing the damn thang
Plus he on his Ricky Bobby, stop and pose for the frame (hey)
I like his swag betta yet I love that
So I bust it wide open til he tell me bring it back (hey)

Hook: 1x

Break2: My boy be on his cash and he keep me first class
That’s my boyfriend (hey), that’s my boyfriend (hey) (4x)

Hook: 1x

Break1: 1x

©2009, Johna’s Future Publishing/Ghetto Gurl Publishing/Emortul Music (BMI)


released January 31, 2013
My Boyfriend
(Shameka Simpson-George, LaJohn D. Manoy & Danny C. Coleman)
(Ghetto Gurl Publishing/Johna’s Future Publishing/Emortul Music (BMI))
produced by Dano for Book ‘Em Dano Productions
additional vocals by Roshada Taylor



all rights reserved


Madame Ice Dallas

Songwriter (BMI), rapper, producer, dancer, music publisher (BMI).

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